Hong Kong’s Building Regulations state that all buildings must meet the requirements of the Building Fire Regulations. In addition to protecting the structure of the building, fire prevention engineering can also buy extra valuable escape time for the escapees in the event of a fire. The company has many years of relevant professional knowledge and professional qualifications. Over the years, it has issued various fire protection certificates (such as: F.S.251, F.S.314A), maintenance inspections, and installation of various fire protection equipment for the catering industry, tuition centers, commercial shops, clubs, hotels, etc. , in addition to being able to obtain professional advice guaranteed by our experience and confidence, customers can also enjoy the high-quality services we provide. According to customer requirements, we will conduct on-site inspections, provide professional fire protection system design, negotiate with fire department, water affairs department and other relevant departments on behalf of customers and submit fire system design drawings and documents.
In response to the requirements of relevant government departments, the company supplies and installs various fire-fighting devices and equipment

For example:
Fire alarm manual/automatic alarm system
Automatic shower system
fire detection system
Gas detection and emission system
Emergency lighting, exit indicator system
fire gate
portable fire extinguisher
The company will also issue a valid fire certificate after the completion of the fire-fighting installation and equipment.