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Having been rooted in the industry for many years, Asia Engineering Co. is formed by a passionate team of professional interior designers. In response to the unique living style in Hong Kong, and the current trends in residential unit plans and interior decoration design, most interior designers in Hong Kong adopt modern and minimalist styles as the mainstream. However, from the increasingly popular classification of interior decoration design services, the customers of our interior design company come from different classes and various cultural backgrounds.

Hong Kong has a small area and a large number of people, so the general living space in the local area will be relatively small. In order to provide an ideal interior design solution, Asia Engineering will seriously consider the creativity of the introduction of various decoration design styles in Hong Kong residential space, and consider the design elements, characteristics and The focus is that they already have rich experience in interior design, coupled with the use of appropriate decoration engineering materials, they can successfully meet the different interior design tastes or personal preferences of various customers, and successfully deliver their ideal comfort zone. That’s why we’re firmly on our list of interior design recommendations.

Asia Engineering Co. expects you to participate in the construction of your exclusive space. From sofas, curtains, furniture, lighting, and even paintings that can enhance the overall atmosphere of the space, we are happy to choose with you to create the most intimate comfort zone for you. Head over to our design process now.

We have extensive experience in interior design. In addition to experienced designers, our construction team also has rich experience and excellent workmanship, which can well cooperate with the interior designer’s concept and customer requirements, and ensure that the interior design and decoration construction process is perfect and accurate.

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